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QRO acquired by Petards Group PLC

Petards Group PLC aquire QRO solutions Limited.

Petards and QRO offer complimentary products in the enforcement market and the aq

Local Force purchases Check-IT Handheld for use on BlackBerry Devices

QRO Solutions have completed the delivery of its first Check-IT Handheld order to a local Police Force.

The forc

QRO offer their customers NASP testing service

Following the mandatory requirements for Police Forces to perform annual performance tests on their ANPR estate; QRO were approached by a

Darwin Holiday and Leisure Parks ANPR Access Control

QRO receive an order from Digital Surveillance Wrexham for the supply of an ANPR access control system at Cheddar Woods Holiday H

EVO8 family further enhanced with credible night time overview capability

QRO are currently offering the Evo 8 "Enhanced" IR/Colour intelligent camera which has been recently added to the Evo 8 ANPR prod